The Warlords is a 2007 movie starring Jet Li, Andy Lua and Takeshi Kaneshiro as three men who have been bound by duty to their country, their families and each other during the Quing Dynasty. In power from 1644 to 1911, the Quing Dynasty was the last imperial dynasty of China. The Warlords, a remake of the 1973 filmBlood Brothers, was directed by Peter Chan and Wai Man Yip, and the epic movie was nominated many times for its excellence. Direct.TV/direct-tv-deals.html makes it easy to watch movies like this one with On Demand.

The annual Hong Kong Film Awards has been in existence since 1982. The awards are located in Hong Kong around the middle of April. The Warlords was nominated in 13 categories, including Best Screenplay, Best Original Film Score, Best Film Editing, Best Actor and Best Action Choreography. It was nominated and won for the categories of Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Design, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Costume Design and Makeup Design, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction and Best Actor.

Hong Kong is also the host city to the Asian Film awards. These awards annually recognize excellence in Asian cinema. The Warlords was nominated for six awards and won one of them. The win came for Best Visual Effects, and the other nominations were for Best Film, Best Actor, Best Editor, Best Director and Best Cinematographer.

The Warlords was also given the Jury Award for Best Visual Effect at the Beijing Student Film Festival, The Golden Horse Award for Best Director as well as Best Film at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Film of Merit and Shanghai Film Critics Award for Best Picture and Film of Merit at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. The film was nominated for the Best Actor by the Hundred Flowers Awards.