Director and producer Peter Chan was born in Hong Kong and raised in Thailand. Chan came to the US to attend film school at UCLA before returning to Hong Kong where he got a summer internship in the movie industry.

Most of his early work were assistant jobs in production and set management. Including work on three Jackie Chan films that were big hits in Hong Kong. He got his first chance to sit in the director’s chair in in 1991 for the film, Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye. That debut movie earned him best film honors by the Hong Kong Film Directors Guild.Check out this link here.

He would continue on as a director for a dozen more films over the years. While many of them were only famous in Asia, there were some that caught some international recognition. Those movies put Chan on a select list of sought after film directors. the 2005 film Perhaps Love earned him an Academy Award nomination.

He moved on from there to work with Jet Li in the Warlords. Their work in retelling the story of Taiping Rebellion was one of the highest grossing films of 2007. And earned him even more movie awards.