A wide variety of films have some similar plot themes, but in such movies like The Warlords the mix of two different themes can make for an interesting concept. Mixing a love and deceit theme can be done fairly easily. This movie has seemed to capture the love triangle and political deceit aspect clearly.

The love triangle in this film is interesting to say the least. Even though love triangles are quite common in movies these days, this one takes an interesting turn. During the movie, a soldier is nursed back to health by a woman. This woman turns out to be his future brother in arms wife.

Political deceit though has many different concepts to it. This film in particular portrays a general who makes history by defying his government. By attacking a city that was forbidden, the general and his men disobey their orders from the Chinese government.

These being the basic concepts in many movies, The Warlords portray it in an intriguing light. The film’s love triangle can leave one to imagine how it could not be seen. The deceit in the movie brings out some concepts that can predict a countries future throughout the centuries.